Luminex was Built by the Buy Side for the Buy Side

Our Focus

Developing intuitive trading technology that enables traders to efficiently source block liquidity

Efficiency. Transparency. Control.

  • Block Discovery: Innovative trading technology starts with a “hybrid” platform supporting FIRM and CONDITIONAL orders with minimum required block quantities and the option to negotiate for increased order size.
  • Controlled Trading: Transparent trading rules and protocols help protect trade anonymity and minimize information leakage.
  • Low-Cost Model: Low-commission model creates opportunities for buy side firms to pass on savings and potential improved portfolio performance to their clients.

A Commitment to Trust

  • Unique Industry Consortium: Serving as a forum to address critical industry issues and needs.
  • Vetted Subscribers: Minimizes information leakage and provides superior quality execution.
  • Investor-Centric: Protect clients’ trades and work for the benefit of all.

Key Features:

  • LeveLUp Order Type: Subscribers from Luminex ATS sent to the LeveL ATS via the Luminex UI. The tool gives traders:
    • One route with controls for both resting in Luminex for the block and accessing liquidity in LeveL ATS
    • One tool with the ability to be in a block-seeking strategy while working the order with minimal market exposure.
    • One place to set defaults based on trading preferences and liquidity types.
Sponsored Access: Luminex buy-side Subscribers can, via the Luminex ATS UI, select an admitted broker-dealer as their “sponsor” on an order-by-order basis
Transition Management: Luminex may admit as a Subscriber a broker-dealer that submits orders or trading interest relating to Transition Management services – generally refers to the process of an entity (such as a pension fund) “transitioning” from one investment manager to another
Outsourced Trading: Luminex admits as Subscribers broker-dealers that perform so-called “outsourced trading” services -generally refers to the practice of investment entities retaining third parties to perform trading services on their behalf,
Broker Routes: to access Luminex from client subscriber

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